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“I’ve been blessed for over 15 years to serve as a National Spokesperson for Skyline Exhibits. Recognized as a market leader, Skyline has welcomed me into their manufacturing home and introduced me to their top shelf group of dedicated dealers. As a speaking professional, this has offered me access to thousands of exhibitors and a wealth of knowledge. Most of the material that I’ve developed over the years has been inspired by the interactions I’ve had with exhibitors who’ve attended Skyline seminars. I will be forever grateful to the fine folks who represent Skyline across the globe and honored to be associated with this world class brand.”  Mike Mraz

Hire Mike to get your association members, exhibit sales team or marketing/sales leader circle fired up about the trade show opportunity. His passion for the trade show as a mar-com tool is evidenced by his enthusiastic and engaging presentation style. From newbie to grizzled veteran, everyone walks away from Mike’s sessions with at least one idea to help them make their next show, the best show ever!

Presentation Titles:
“Exhibit Staff Boot Camp”
“Revenue Based Trade Show Thinking”
“Enthusiasm is Infectious – Igniting a BUZZ in your booth”
“Getting Your Trade Show Moneys Worth”
“Micro-Casting & the Importance of Pre-Show Planning”
“Why Exhibitors Fail”
“Making Smart Exhibit Design Choices”

Half Day and Full Day rates are based on content and location and range from $3200 to $6400

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