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My name is Mike Mraz. I’m a Minneapolis based Trade Show Strategist and have spent a lot of time thinking about how to make your next show the best show ever. Throughout my 30 plus years of Sales & Marketing experience, I’ve had both a passion for learning and a desire to share what I’ve learned along the way. Please take advantage of these resources and pass them on to your colleagues and friends. Also, if you have found resources that have been useful to you, I’d appreciate you passing them on to me.

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Skyline Exhibits
I can’t help but recommend the finest modular exhibit manufacturer on the planet! I’ve had the pleasure of being associated with Skyline for almost ALL of their 25 years. Great products, great service network and GREAT people! Check ‘em out!

Tradeshow Week
Links to loads of industry data and publisher of the Tradeshow Week Data Book. The Data Book is printed and distributed in December for the following year and is a great resource for North American show information. They also produce a version for the International platform.

Convention Center Search
Search for information on specific facilities. If you’ve never been there (or it’s been a while) you’ll want to know as much about the lay of the land as you can before you get there.

Trade Show Exhibitors Assn.
TSEA represents more that 2100 members most of whom are from the domestic US. They sponsor the TS2 show. A trade show industry trade show. TS2 hosts exhibit manufacturers and numerous vendors and provides seminars and workshops to educate exhibitors. The Certified Manager of Exhibits (CME) designation may be earned through participation in these events.

IRS – Per Diem Rates
Every city has a different cost of living. Here’s a link to give you a guideline for budgeting based on what the government views as appropriate. (for whatever that’s worth??)

Exhibit Surveys
These guys are fee based measurement people. They do a great job and have been around forever. There’s also lots of free access to data that you migh find interesting.

Trade Show News Network
A great search engine dedicated to the trade show world. Easy to use and loads of great information.

The Center for Exhibit Industry Research
LOADS of research has been done by CEIR over the years. Tap into it! Much of their material is free of very affordable. Better data always makes for more well informed decisions.

Exhibitor Magazine
A very resourceful monthly publication dedicated to supporting the exhibit and event industries. Exhibitor sponsors the Exhibitor every spring in Vas Vegas. It is the biggest trade show for the trade show people. Exhibitors can earn the Certified Trade Show Manager (CTSM) certification by attending seminars, passing a lengthy exam and creating an in depth portfolio of work. Loads of resources on their site and the best glossary of trade show industry terms anywhere!


Audio Generator
Integrate audio into your e-mail communication without creating HUGE files that bog down the transfer process.

Survey Monkey
O.K. this is cool! An on-line survey tool for FREE! They have advanced stuff that they charge a small monthly fee for, but the free stuff gives you plenty of power.

The high end on-line product. If you take advantage of what you pay for here, the $500-$600 annual fee is nothing. Accurate, fast, easy to access response data is worth every penny!

Pair Networks
I use these folks because they’re not the biggest game in town but they run a great business and are very attentive. So far so good!


Just Sell
GREAT sales support info. I’ve subscribed to their e-newsletter for over 3 years and I can’t remember a duplication of information. Just goes to show you how much sales support data there is out there.

Sales Autopsy
I heard Dan Seidman speak a few years ago and have been a subscriber of his site ever since. The stories give me hope (and a laugh or two!).

Greeting Cards International
I use this tool all the time! It allows me to send a physical greeting card or postcard from my computer. They created a font of my handwriting that is easier to read than the real thing. It’s great for client/prospect connection and it doesn’t hurt when my Mom’s birthday rolls around. Why not create a custom postcard (under $20) using your trade show graphics and use it to promote your event?

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