Online Training Courses

Chock full of insightful video clips with a corresponding PDF based workbooks, these courses allow you to learn from the best and equip yourself with the knowledge to make every show a smashing success!

"Basic Skills for Booth Staffing" - $347

Jump-Start your Exhibit Staffing Team with this fast paced training program. It is designed to help the exhibiting company to set expectations for acceptable booth behavior and offer tools for taking full advantage of the trade show opportunity. Each module contains four to six minutes of downloadable Flash Video (.flv) content with Mike positioning the concepts to be discussed and corresponding self-study materials in Adobe Acrobat Reader (.pdf) format. 

Content Modules:
1 - End-In-Mind Thinking
2 - Purpose
3 - Body Language & Booth Behavior
4 - Connecting
5 - Diagnosis
6 - Establish The Value
7 - Recording The Data & Follow-Through

Click here to receive Module #1 "End-In-Mind Thinking" FREE as an example of both content and production value. I'm sure you'll be pleased with what you find.   

This is a "No-Waiting" - "DownLoad It NOW!" kind of product. Buy it today and get your exhibit staff started down the road to better performance RIGHT NOW!

Hey - Think about spent over twice as much on some crappy give-a-way pens for the last show that got you nothin'! Invest in your people - they control your brand experience at the show. It takes so little to impact so much.


Archived Teleseminars

60 minutes of topical information designed to not only get you thinking, but calling you to action. Dave Sandler said, "You can't teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar". I agree with Dave, but I also believe you can boost the kid up on the seat and give him a push. Each of these sessions will be presented through my 20/10 model. Two 20 minutes modules accompanied by 10 minutes of Q&A.

LIVE! audio CD's available for an additional fee of $10

Current List of Teleseminars
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“3 Numbers That Will Supercharge Your Next Trade Show” - $47

Information fuels knowledge and knowledge is power! Join us for this TeleSeminar and learn how to identify three numbers that will help you shape your next trade show event. Opportunity Cost, Lead Generation Cost and Revenue Projection.

“What Is CCC And Why Is It So Important?" - $47

Most mature business would come to a screeching halt without the revenue provided by their Current Clients. In this TeleSeminar we’ll identify the critical components of a thorough CCC (Current Client Connection) plan.

“Micro-Casting: At The End Of The Day It’s About The Critical 10” - $47

Most exhibitors would admit that if they could have meaningful conversations with 10 of just the right people at the show, their spend would be justified. This TeleSeminar will get you focused on not only identifying your CriticalTen but help you develop a plan for connecting with them at your next event.

“Foundational Questions For Effective Exhibit Design” - $47

Getting your exhibit design needs and wants in parallel has more to do with your target audience than you think. In this TeleSeminar we’ll help you answer the questions that matter most when it comes to looking your best on the show floor. Oh, by the way….it’s NOT about you!

“Randomly Accessible NOTHING!” - $47

Just because everybody else is giving away something in their booth, it doesn’t mean you have to do the same. This TeleSeminar focuses on the importance of “purposeful premiums”. Don’t enable the “Bag People”!


Private Teleseminars

Many clients have received such a powerful results from our products and services that they choose to schedule a Private Teleseminar. This allows us to tailor the content of the seminar to YOUR specific needs. Please Contact Us today to schedule a Private Teleseminar for your team.

"Pre-Show Primer"

Arrange to have our this teleseminar personalized for your Exhibit Staff Team. Schedule it to fall right in line with your next big show. Each session will include a 60 minute phone consultation with Mike to personalize the content and incorporate issues and concerns specific to your organization. (Many companies make this part of their ongoing exhibit plan - hint, hint.) 

"Exhibit With Impact"

Designed for associations, this six module program delivered in three one our sessions, is geared to add value to any exhibitors next event. Sponsored by the association and offered exclusively to their member exhibitors, the Exhibit With Impact program adds value to both sides of the exhibiting equation. The exhibitor experiences a more robust ROI and the association develops a more vibrant event. 

**Our VERY Simple Guarantee - If you try the tips and techniques suggested in any product you purchase from Exhibiting Excellence and find them to be less than what they claimed to be, please feel free to contact us within 90 days of purchase for a FULL refund!



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