Mike's Bio

"My first trade show as an exhibitor was the National Shoe Show in Chicago's McCormick Place. Those of you who've been there know that even the trade show veteran doesn't have it easy at McCormick. I'd been to the show several times before as a buyer. This was my first show on that side of the table. I realized years later that it was at that show in 1982 where I learned first hand how unique, frustrating and truly amazing trade shows were, and how powerful they could be as a marketing tool.

Over the 25 plus years since, I've had the pleasure of personally working with hundreds of exhibitors in all capacities of their event marketing programs. Like every single one of them, as a small child, I did NOT dream of one day becoming a trade show manager. One thing led to another and one show rolled into the next. Just like everyone else navigating their way through convention centers today, I learned by doing. Not always doing the right thing mind you buy learning regardless.

What's kept my interest for so long is a combination of things. It's the truly unique and diverse business and industries that I've been exposed to and the chance to help them develop and execute results based exhibiting plans.

You see, there's really nothing like a trade show. Nothing!"

Mike Mraz

Client List:

Wenger Corp
Pfizer Pharmaceutical
PNC Bank
Thompson Financial
Biamp Systems
Express Financial
US Dep. of Agriculture
Premier Travel/Canada
AAA – So. California
Walman Optical
Manulife Securities
Kelly Services
Boehringer Ingelheim
Vista Communications
Crane Engineering
Unitron Hearing
Mobil Oil
San Diego Gas & Electric
Purdue University
Proctor & Gamble

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